DaisyJane Furniture Rescue

...the evolution of DaisyJane Woodcraft

Antique Restoration     Wood Furniture Repair                    

Cabinet Refinishing            Furniture Painting


Cane and Rush Seat Repair      Color Changes


Water Damage Restoration                                                        

daisyjane furniture rescue

Wobbly chairs, scratched tabletops, broken dressers and worn-out finishes...

If there is something that doesn't thrill you about the furniture you have, you can have it refinished, updated, repaired, and renewed to make it into what you can enjoy for years to come.

Each of us has a gift, a passion... mine is to bring damaged, neglected, forgotten, and outdated furniture back to life.

Almost ten million tons of furniture go into landfills every year in the United States, replaced by ever more cheaply constructed furniture built overseas and destined to fall apart and eventually meet the same fate.

The furniture we already have in our homes may have wear and tear, may have broken parts, and may not match our current style... yet all of that can be fixed!

I work with you to reinvigorate the furniture you have, to make it into something that delights you every time you behold it.


I serve clients throughout Long Island and New York City.


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